Blog: AudioCube First Look.

The first video teasing AudioCube. This started as an idea to make a 3D Audio Workstation / Music Production Suite.

I’d had some experience with programming, although not masses. I’d messed around with Arduino, MSP, and SuperCollider. But had never really found a platform that worked for me.

During covid lockdown I was bored, and looking for skills to develop. I’d always wanted to make software but had thought it was too hard, and coding was difficult to learn.

Around this time I discovered Unity, the 3D game and software development platform.

I knew what kind of software I wanted to make but at the time I didn’t know wheter it would be possible in Unity or not. (It turns out it was).

I started following youtube tutorials, learning how to use the basic features of Unity. I also started learning how to make 3D models in Blender, and looking into creating my own game assets.

I learnt how to make a 3D model of my own head, using the Keen Tools face builder plugin for Blender.

As I had a background in music production I found it easy to record and edit the audio I needed. I just needed to learn how to code properly.

I was still learning unity, so spent a lot of time experimenting with the platform.

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