Humble Beginnings

The first publicly playable version of AudioCube. Approximately 3 months into development. Or 3 months since I first started using unity.

Cubes have the following audio types:
+ Ambient: Looped sound that plays with no interaction.
+ Mouse Over: Plays sound when the mouse cursor is over the Cube (pauses on exit). 
+ Mouse Click: Plays sound when Cube clicked + held (pauses when let go).
+ Collision: Velocity sensitive impact sounds. 
Each audio type has a unique coloured light + texture activated with the sound.
Different physics properties (mass, bouncy, friction etc)

▣ 3D Spatialized Sound:
Listener: This works like a virtual microphone, creating a 3D/stereo sound based on the position of the listener in relation to audio sources.
> FX Zones: When a cube enters a 3D FX Zone, it can be modified by these effects:
>3D Orchestra: A spatialised orchestra demonstrating the 3D audio technology. The user can move around the stage to focus on different sounds, and change their listening position.

▣ Groove UI:
A new style of User Interface designed to minimise distraction and increase creative flow and productivity. It contains these cascading tabs: Mix – Add – View – Go To – Community Cubes – Help.

 Audio Mixer:
A fully featured multi-track audio mixer, to mix your sound sources.
+ FX Chanels, control fx parameters in realtime to transform and modify the sounds, creating something totally new.
Reverb, Echo, Double Distortion, HP & LP Filters, Chorus, Pitch Shift.

 User Interaction:
The user can interact with objects within the physics simulation, moving objects around with the mouse, triggering buttons + animations. AudioCubes and FX Zones can be moved. Player can create new sounds.

  • Click and drag physics
  • Interactive button& sliders
  • Controllable User Interface Panels
  • Multiple Camera & Movement Modes: 1st Person 3D, 3rd Person Sideways/ 2.5D. 

▣ Core Instruments: 

  • Velocity Sensitive Bouncy Drum Kit (Kick, Snare, Hat, High & Low Toms, 2 Cymbals).
  • Basses: Accoustic, Electric, Sine, Square
  • Keys: Rhodes, Petrof Upright Piano.
  • Percussion: Shaker, Tambo, Clave, Low & High Cowbells, Frog, Drum Sticks.

▣ Camera Control:
– Multiple positions: auto, top, side, walk, moveable stand.
– Zoom and Rotate.

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